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What is NewscastWire ?

NewscastWire is a video portal reserved for the professionals of the information. It allows them to reach freely video contents, photo and papers given by his customers.

How to use NewscastWire ?

NewscastWire proposes you a wide catalog of archives images or current events, interviews and illustrations. You can consult our homepage which presents you all our videos of the most recent to the most ancient. You can refine your research by choosing sectors, sources or types of contents, or simply by throwing a keyword search.

Create your account

NewscastWire is reserved for the professionals of information, the access to the main features of the site is thus limited to the only registered users.
The consultation of videos is free, but the features of access to the detailed descriptive index forms, to the kits of press and to the downloads require the authentification.
To create its account, you just have to inform the information asked in the form of registration.
Your request is taken into account and validated as soon as possible, after check of the exactness of the informed information.
The validation can be immediate if one of our customers indicated to you as one of its contacts or if your editorial staff supplied us your e-mail address in advance.

Manage your account

At any time, you can modify the information informed during your registration : return you in the section "my account".

Manage your alerts

You can create and manage your alerts in the section "my alerts".
NewscastWire suggests you as a content wich can interest you is put on-line to receiving mail alerts. You can create alerts on keywords, by sector or by source.

RSS feed

By subscribing to flows RSS you can being informed when releases arrived on the site . We propose flows RSS on every sector, a general flow RSS on the novelties on-line publishing, as well as a flow RSS on the planned events.

Consultation of videos

All our video contents can be previewed since the site. Streaming are available in their complete version.

Consultation of press kit

Every playlist has a press of available kit in direct download in the form of a file zip. This file can contain various documents, written press releases, photos, graphs etc. This file is reserved only for the identified users.

Consultation of the detailed description

Every playlist is also accompanied with a detailed descriptive index form. Realized by the information officers NewscastWire, it contains an exhaustive description of videos. It is available for consultation only by the registered users.

Availability of files

All videos on NewscastWire do not have authority to be host there infinitely. You have to take your precautions to download them in time.

Available sizes

Pictograms indicate you the various sizes available.
We propose 3 sizes videos and 1 audio size (when it is interviews). All our images are for proportions 16/9.
Images the source of which would be in 4/3 or of the other lower ratio in 16/9 are converted thanks to vertical black bands, the image source is never re-size.

Images turned in cinemascope or the other ratios upper in 16/9 are converted with letterbox.
Here are the technical details planned for the distributed files.
High Definition: only when the shooting was made in HD.
File: .mp4, video Codec: H264 12Mbps, audio Codec AAC (384Kbps)
Slow Definition: basic format
File: .mp4, video Codec: H264 10Mbps, audio Codec AAC (384Kbps)
Web size: it is planned so that the file can be téléversé such which on a platform of broadcasting video on demand.
File: .mp4, video Codec: H264 4Mbps, audio Codec AAC (256Kbps)
MP3: planned for our radio users
File: .mp3 (384Kbps)
For more information on these formats, thank you for contacting us.

Delivery of files

We propose you three way of provision of the files which you wish to download.
Http: you download the files which you wish directly on your workstation.
Ftp premises: you reach your files thanks to a customer FTP (type Filezilla, Cyberduck etc.). Your files are available and placed in a file accommodated on our servers whose address and phone number and accesses we pass on to you. Every user has a file which is appropriate for him(her). The commanded elements are preserved there 48 hours.
Remote Ftp: this way allows you to receive your files directly in your system. You just have to inform the address and phone number of a file FTP in which you wish that we téléversions your files. It is preferable for it to be in connection with your technical service so that we can configure the access to an only file for all the users of your editorial staff.

Technical contact

In case of doubt do not hesitate to put us in connection with your technical service so that we configured with them modality techniques of delivery of files. Do not hesitate to contact us to 01 75 50 71 44.

Choose and download videos of news of professional quality.
Free of charge.

Newscastwire is a free service reserved for the professionals of the information (journalists, information officers, webmaster, bloggers etc...). It allows you to use a wide catalog of official videos, proposed by tens of organizations, institutions, associations etc...). In a few clicks you will have professional quality images ready of feeding your TV programs or your site of current events.